Fees and Availability


In 2024, the rental fee is $200/night. The price drops to $175/night for rentals of 30-75 nights and drops further, to $150/night for stays longer than 75 nights. There are no further discounts. There is a final cleaning fee of $200 at the end of your stay, regardless of the duration of your stay and lastly, there is a fully refundable security deposit of $500 required for all rentals. Please E-mail Robert Miglino at BobMiglino@gmail.com to discuss any aspect of a rental of my home that you may be considering.

(Feel free to email me at BobMiglino@gmail.com. or call me on my cell phone in the U.S. at 845-233-8254 with any questions you may have).

Italy House Availability Calendar