The House

Benvenuto Alla Mia Casa 

(Welcome to My House) 

      The House in a Nutshell…

Two Bedrooms

Two large bedrooms, each air conditioned, each with their own tiled bathroom and each very nicely furnished and with lots of closet space.

3 Bathrooms

Additional bathroom off of the kitchen (for a total of 3 bathrooms in the house)

Queen Beds

Each bedroom has brand new queen beds and brand new mattresses

(what the Italians call "matrimonial" mattresses) which are slightly larger then our queen size, but a little smaller then our king size.

Remodeled Kitchen

Large, completely remodeled kitchen with new cabinetry, fireplace, new appliances and granite counters. 

Outdoor Patio

Peaceful, outdoor patio with tables, chairs, umbrella and barbecue/fireplace


Land-line (cordless) telephone in kitchen with extension in the living room for a total of 2 phones in the house

Washing Machine

Brand new washing machine in laundry room off kitchen. Laundry is dried in a sun-filled yard or on drying racks in the house.

Large flat-screen HD cable TV

Small, but comfortable living room with couch, and a plump, comfortable leather chair.

(lots of English language channels). This living room comfortably seats 3-4 people for watching television or movies. An additional plump leather chair is in the kitchen and can be brought up to the living room if you wish

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet throughout the house

New Kitchen Items

All new pots, pans, dishes, flatware, glasses, etc.

Air Conditioner

Both bedrooms and the kitchen are air-conditioned

The Gallery

The House, Amenities & More

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The front door of the house

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The house in early morning sunlight. Sunlight then bathes the entire side of the house throughout the day

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The tiny mini "park" 30 feet from the front door of the house. A quaint little spot to read, enjoy your morning coffee, or use your laptop. Very rarely used by anyone else in the village.

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A view of the kitchen

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This kitchen view shows the fireplace

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The fireplace in the kitchen (great for grilling inside)

Bathroom #1.

All fixtures are new and there is plenty of cabinet space. 

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Picture of the bathroom right off the kitchen. Brand new, fully tiled and all new fixtures. Actually this is more than a half bathroom, as there is a nice, new shower stall behind the door and next to the toilet.

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Laundry room with washer. Dryer has been removed since they do not work well and use high amounts of electricity. Clothes are easily dried in our sunny back yard or in the house on drying racks.

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Pictured above are two views of bedroom #1. It has a brand new bed and mattress, a large armoire opposite the bed (not shown in this picture) and is air conditioned. The bedroom is also right next to its own bathroom. The house thus has two large bedrooms each with queen size beds, plenty of closet space and each with its own bathroom. By the way, this is the view from this bedroom's ceiling-to-floor window not shown in the picture.

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Bedroom #2 – Very large, warm and cozy. The wall opposite the foot of the bed (pictured at right) has an extremely large triple-section armoire.

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The small living room of the house. This room has a beautiful ceiling to floor open-able window behind the blue curtain. Not the biggest room for entertaining perhaps, but cozy and plenty adequate for 4-5 people to watch tv, movies, or just read after a long day of sight seeing, etc. The TV in the picture has just been replaced with a new large flat screen "smart" HD television. To the left of the TV is a fold-down desk perfect for working on the computer (one of which is already there, so you don't have to bring your own to Italy if you don't want to)

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Two views of the outdoor patio. Right behind this patio is the rarely used, but impecably kept village park (see picture below).

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The garage of the home. It is 50 feet from the front door of the house. It has water and electricity and if you make an immediate left when you walk into the garage, you enter another little room used for storing firewood for the kitchen fireplace. The garage has a brand new, lockable door. Feel free to utilize the garage for your rental car. You'll also find two bicycles for your use in the garage.

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The beautiful village park. Entrance to this park is through a large wrought iron gate about 100 feet from the front of the house. It is immaculately clean and has lots of benches situated throughout. Incredibly, it is not often used by the village residents (mostly because they all have their own beautiful back yards).