The Hilltop Town of San Venanzo

San Venanzo is a comune (a municipality) in the region of Umbria, located about 18 miles southwest of Perugia (the capital of Umbria) and about 25 miles northwest of Terni. As of January 1, 2021, it had a population of about 1400 people. Umbria, by the way, lies directly next to the province of Tuscany. I can tell you from first-hand experience that Tuscany has nothing over Umbria as far as beauty and the best the country has to offer.

The house has tremendous views.

San Venanzo occupies an area of a little over 65 square miles, most of which is breathtakingly beautiful rolling farmland. San Venanzo is at the top of Mount Puglia and has an elevation of 1564 feet, thus, one looks out to incredible views.

The municipality of San Venanzo contains different frazioni (little hamlets). These include the hamlets of Ospedaletto, San Marino, Pornello, San Vito, Poggio Aquilone, Civitella dei Conti, Collelungo, Rotecastello, and Ripalvella, all of which are nearby, all of which are charming, quaint and beautiful, and all worth visiting as time might allow. San Venanzo also borders the following larger full-sized towns/cities of:

Gubbio, Deruta, Marsciano, Monte Falco, Montegabbione, Spoleto, Assisi, Orvieto, Perugio and Todi.

The Local Scene

Culture, Food, Events

Visitors thus get to enjoy bountiful farmstands and open-farm markets throughout the region

Pasta dish with salad and parmesan

An open-farm market

Black Truffles – Umbrian “GOLD”

San Venanzo has it’s own soccer team (a source of great pride since only 1 in 100 towns has one) and a new soccer stadium. 

The town band plays for every festival and feast day.

An incredible fireworks show in September. 

The town picnic is held every June.

A view of San Venanzo

Great restaurant right outside of San Venanzo in Rotecastello (1/2 mile away)

Perugia (capital of Umbria) only 40 minutes from the house

Assisi only 45 minutes from the house

The town hall and community park where many festivals are held throughout the year (one block from the house)

The courtyard of the town hall

Inside foyer of the town hall

Mayor of San Venanzo

Marsilio Marinelli

Our large, community pool with picnic area that is immaculately clean. For adults it’s $7 for the entire day (less for children). After 3pm it’s even cheaper. There are lounge chairs for sunbathing, tables and umbrellas, a kiddies’ pool, a snack stand where you can purchase good food, wine, even a mixed drink if you wish, along with all of the traditional snacks. A day at the pool is not to be missed. It’s a nice walk of about 1 mile, or, a very short drive. Parking is free. There are lifeguards and the concession workers are very nice.